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Introducing Precog

A DeFi ecosystem to provide you with a unique opportunity

Basis aggregator protocol

Precog Finance is a new decentralized ecosystem that aims to leverage on price differences between exchange pairs (eg. BTC and USD), but across several exchanges. The ecosystem automatically exploits pricing inefficiencies between spot and futures cryptocurrency markets.

How it works

At Precog Finance, the core of our AI-assisted trading engine leverages on a variant of the traditional “cash and carry” arbitrage investment strategy. This is trading AI algorithm evaluates the spot and “carrying cost” of a cryptocurrency, then compares the cost against a future value premium. If the FVP > SCC, then it executes and acquires the forward sell, locking in the value difference between the spot and future price, making a profit.

The token

The token represents the value and financial mechanism for incentive to the platform. Investing in the token will increase the earned yield on investments when staked.

Earn returns

The AI-assisted algorithm automatically trades futures/ arbitrage and returns percentage are inserted back into community by the means of automatic token purchase creating buying pressure and returning value to the token market. At each week the Yield is calculated and a percentage of it is returned to the market.


Precog (Sentient v.2)

Phase 2 involves another market opportunity. At times, the futures premium is so high that savvy investors with access to capital or leverage can scale their profits significantly while maintaining the same risk-less component. Our advanced Sentient smart contract identifies these lending markets opportunities, and then calculates with the available decentralized lendingmarkets to aggregate the best rates. If the calculation is still net positive, then Precog will borrow the capital using the collateral participants hold inthe contract. It then executes the same arbitrage trade - significantly boosting the dollar value return.

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Cerebral aims to be the market's very first decentralized futures and options marketplace, enabling users to bid and sell options on almost any ERC20 token, and one day, any chain outside ethe Ethereum network. On Cerebral, the community defines, creates, and deploys the synthetic assets. Using a decentralized order book, users are incentivized to create order book depth by contributing to pooled assets relative to supply demand flow, or the meditation of a future expiry date. The users contribute and earn revenues on those markets. Cerebral will have its own token and Precog Finance holders will receive 50% as an airdrop after its first 12 months of operation.

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Audited by

Precog Token $PCOG now completed the key technical diligence required to launch on mainnet, the token smart contract has been audited by CertiK. Upon CertiK's comprehensive examination of the tokens' source code, the leading blockchain security auditor has us with a passing grade.

CertiK's Audit report

Roadmap Milestones

Website Launched
Sentient Research & Development
Fringe Partnership
Website Updated with New Logo & Branding
Whitepaper V1
In Progress
Marketing Campaign & Community Growth
Sentient Demo Launch
Sentient Audit & Penetration Testing
Whitepaper V2
PCOG Token Smart Contract Audit
$PCOG Token Minting
Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Investors
Seed Round Closed
Launchpad Presale Announced
Polygon Partnership
Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Campaigns
Launchpad Presale Announcement
MM Agreement
CoinMarketCap Application
CoinGecko Application
Cerebral Light Paper
Initial CEX Listing Applications
Token Launch on DEX
CoinMarketCap Listing
CoinGecko Listing
Sentient Public Launch
Staking Program Launch

Precog oversight

The Precog Finance team operates at the intersection of many specialized focus areas including distributed systems, security, cryptography and blockchain protocols.

Gehan Rajapakse

Gehan Rajapakse


Founder of Precog Finance, Gehan has develop...

Artur Goulão Ferreira

Artur Goulão Ferreira


Founder of Utrust (Switzerland) & Coding Lib...

Mohamed Saleh

Mohamed Saleh

Ethereum Lead Developer

Mohamed is an experienced blockchain develop...

Andres Maes

Andres Maes

Algorithm Engineer

With a Masters degree in Computer Science, A...



Project Manager

Alexandra has joined Precog as project and o...

Marta Moya

Marta Moya

Social Media Manager

With 5+ years of experience in Social Media,...

Arik Chakma

Arik Chakma

Frontend Developer

With over four years of experience, Arik is ...


Dr Alan G. Miller

Dr Alan G. Miller

R&D Advisory

Alan Miller. PhD., CEng., CMgr. Dr. Mil...

Steven Sprague

Steven Sprague

Marketing Advisory

Steven Sprague is one of the principal indus...

John Korfias

John Korfias

Investor Relations

John is a leading entrepreneur in the H...

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Introducing Precog Finance


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